About Cancer Diet – A project of love

My name is Ewa Onych, and let me start off by saying, that by trade I am not a Doctor, nor a medical practitioner of any sort. So you might be thinking – “What the heck and I doing here at Cancer Diet?”

Why should you be interested in anything that a non healthcare professional would have to say about “cancer?” To be perfectly honest with you, the fact that by trade, I am not part of the established medical community, might give me a different and fresh perspective than mainstream medical establishment.

Keep reading and I will tell you exactly why I am convinced that you pay very close attention to what I am going to share with you here.

From public relations to Cancer Diet expert?

Originally I started my career in public relations. I finished my studies at Warsaw University in Warsaw, Poland with a double major in Political Science and Journalism. Since finishing school (in my mid 20’s) I have been successfully running my own Public Relations business for almost 20 years.

About Cancer Diet
About Cancer Diet – My old life – typical day at the office running my PR firm.

By trade I am a public relations and crisis control specialist. My company provides PR services to the largest listed companies in Poland and abroad. My clients include Philip Morris, Samsung just to name a few.

I have worked my entire life at being a successful business woman. In fact, I am really good at what I do. But, continuous meetings, flights, work until night, projects always on the go, I felt like there was more to life, success all by itself was a bit empty for me.

However empty, I kept at it. After 10 years I thought I would pull the plug and do something I actually enjoy doing. Nope, I was caught up in the grind and kept on building my career.

I thought maybe another 10 years, so I kept working in the PR field and building my business brick by brick.

One day, everything changed when I became a mother. I decided to slow down and think about where I was going so fast. Why do I still feel overworked, why do I gain weight so mercilessly despite the fact that I torture myself with new diets over and over.

The Cancer Diet accidentally started by wanting to keep my kids healthy a bit more naturally

That’s right this entire Cancer Diet journey started off by wanting to keep my kids healthier without a medicine cabinet full of pills. As I became a mom I began to look much more closely at my three wonderful sons. Stanley, 10 years old, Francis, 7 years old, and little Nicholas, now 6 years old.

Watching my boys grow up, I got more and more interested in ways to keep my kids healthy with Diet. As any mom will tell you, kids get sick. It is just a natural part of life. They get colds, and flus and pass germs back and forth at school. Its just a normal part of growing up.

I started a new chapter in my life 10 years ago as a full time mom wanting to make my kids healthier.

As natural as kids getting sick is, any mom knows that it is not easy to watch your little monkey all curled up in bed miserable with a cold. So l did the only thing I knew how to do, I started to read as much as I could about any and everything related to health. I started to subscribing to serious medical journals, the kinds that only doctors subscribe to.

I became obsessed with the science behind our bodies

The more I read about this topic, the more obsessed I became. I was fascinated by the science behind our bodies and how they work. So kept at it plugging away and I decided I was going to do what I wanted to do my entire life, I was going to learn every and anything I could about medicine.

And that is exactly what I have done the last 10 years of my life. I have stepped away from my PR firm and the fast lane, and focused on being a mom to healthy kids.

Everything I learned over the past 10 years brought me to one place – diet. When I say everything, I mean absolutely everything pointed me in the direction of diet. And my last 10 years of this research has brought me full circle to launching Cancer Diet.

There is a very strong correlation between diet and cancer

As I continued my research trying to keep my kids healthier through diet, I started to come to some very obvious conclusions about the direct link between cancer and diet. These links are not rocket science, and I was very surprised (and still am) that the medical establishment is not talking about this more.

I was able to identify certain compounds in foods we eat every single day, that literally have the power to prevent cancer in most healthy people and on the other side of the equation, I have also identified other compounds in food that could all but guarantee the eventual onset of cancer in most people.

Don’t get me wrong, the last 30 years has been all about healthy eating, and more and more the established medical community has conceded that a healthy diet is a good supplement to an otherwise healthy lifestyle.

I will take that a step further and say, that I believe in my heart of hearts that most otherwise healthy people can simply eat their way to a cancer free life.

Come join me as I take you on a journey of the Cancer Diet one bite at a time.